Hey everybody. So, I haven't submitted a new post in over two months. I know that's pretty bad. Despite my lack of effort to post anything new, however, I've actually been seeing an increase in viewership on this blog. Which is weird, right?

At any rate, I re-committed myself to providing my own take on Star Wars to anyone who might be interested and I'm ready to start posting more regularly. I'm thinking I'm going to start doing two regular kinds of posts.

First, every Sunday morning (or afternoon, depending on when I wake up) I'm going to post some "Sunday Morning Star Wars Trivia." Those posts are easy to make and I think provide a digestible bit of Star Wars goodness.

Second, I'm going to start pumping out a different Star Wars article every week. I don't know yet what I want to focus on for my blog, but I'm sure I'll be able to find a niche as I start regularly posting. I do not intend to cover any news about Star Wars Episode 7. There are already plenty of news outlets you can go to for information on that.

Finally, one last change coming to my blog: I'm renaming it. "No Disintegrations," seemed cool when I first made this blog, but let's be real, this is Brian on Star Wars and I should name it that way.

That is all. You can look forward to more posts coming from me soon, and thanks so much for reading this.
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